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12 Costumes Ideas for Baby’s First Halloween

Make your Halloween even sweeter with these cute costume ideas

The spooky season is upon us! For most of us, that means decorating the house, stocking up on candy and, most importantly, getting costumes for the kids! A newborn’s first Halloween is so exciting and special, and all of the unique costumes available make it one of the most fun holidays. Here, we’ve collected some of our favorite “first Halloween” costumes to share with you if you’re looking for a little Halloween inspo. 

1. She Says “Rawrrr!” and We Say “Awww!”

More sweet than scary, little kings and queens of the jungle can enjoy a cozy Halloween in a lion onesie. Photo courtesy of @jessimalay.

2. An Adorable Kitten Who Defuncts Myths

We can’t image black cats being bad luck after seeing this adorable baby and her cat ears and tutu! Photo courtesy of @nativefable.

3. They Go Together Like Ketchup and Mustard

Have you ever seen a better pair? We sure haven’t! These easy to put on onesies make the perfect costume for this pair of sweet babies. Photo courtesy of @yourbabycaremag.

4. A Mom and Baby Who Are On A Roll!


We can’t get over the wasabi hat on this sweet mom and baby combo! Photo courtesy of @claireicraig.

5. A Very Harry Halloween

Moms sure know how much babies can scream, but can they scream like the mandrake root from Harry Potter? This costume gets extra points for being hilarious and creative at the same time! Photo from @thehogwartshouse

6. Winnie the Pooh-Inspired Family Fun

Perfect for fall, families and everyone who loves to read a classic childhood story! Photo from @staceychadbourne

7. The Cutest in All the Land…

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most precious of them all? These two sure give Snow White and Belle a run for their money! Photo from @chantellechamps.

8. They Have All the Courage, Heart and Brains They Need!

Courage the Cowardly Lion? More like Courage the Cutest Lion ever!  Have the family dress up as the rest of the Wizard of Oz crew, complete with Dorothy, Tin Man and Toto! Photo from @lenize.fuentes.

9. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

This Halloween costume is simple yet sweet—a true Halloween classic. Add in a dog and you have a winning costume for any contest! Photo from @snoopyinfashion.

10. What Do You Call A Little Bat?

We’re *batty* over this picturesque mom and baby! Feel free to dress it up or down for the weather with these handy bat wings. Photo from @mommy_mouse_wears_manolos.

11. Classic Halloween

A sweet skeleton and a princess pumpkin are a total Halloween treat. Photo from @itsmypartykids

12. Minnie Mouse

Another adorable costume idea for those who love this classic cartoon character. Dress the whole family up in theme for a “Magical” Halloween afternoon. Photo from @gemma_marin.

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