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Author: TLN

Best Gifts for New Moms

Shopping for the holidays? Here are a few suggestions if you want to make the new mom in your life *very* happy.

New moms are amazing. They are constantly running around in a million directions feeding, changing diapers, cleaning, and pumping. They get their “me” time in the form of a solo trip to the grocery store, and they somehow manage to do it all on little to no sleep. This is not only worthy of an award, but also some extra thought and consideration in the gift-giving department.

This holiday season, skip the Starbucks gift card (although we are never ones to turn down free caffeine), and get them something a little more thoughtful. We made a list of gift ideas to help you get started, but you can take all the credit when she tells you it’s the best gift she has ever received.

1. TWELVElittle backpack or diaper bag: Started by two Brooklyn moms, the TWELVElittle brand is basically a cultural phenomenon, and diaper bag fashion has never looked better. With incredibly stylish bags for moms and dads, you wouldn’t even know if they were packing a breast pump or a MacBook. You can’t lose with those one.

2. A spa package: The number of massages, mani/pedis, and facials she is going to get between now and the next 18-25 years is somewhere between none and not many. Treat her to a full day of R&R at her favorite spa. Then make her actually do it, and book the day for her, and have her most trusted babysitter booked as well—even if it’s mother-in-law. If price is a factor, Groupon and Livingsocial always have incredible deals at legit locations.

3. Ollie Swaddle: Designed by a loving foster mother and a Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Psychologist, this blanket grows with baby and provides a wealth of developmental benefits. Not only is your lady going to love this cute swaddle, but you are going to get major points for thinking of something creative and awesome for the baby. For even more bonus points, have it monogrammed with your baby’s initials.

4. An in-home massage: Yes, in home massages are a thing! The consideration of bringing the relaxation right to her door will blow her mind—and will save her in valuable travel time when every moment of free time counts. Just make sure to do a little research to find the best service in your area. Start by Googling a postpartum masseuse.

5. Yoga studio class pass: Workout regimes are basically nonexistent for new moms, but taking the time to decompress is essential. Enter, the yoga membership. Not only does it place an emphasis on wellness rather than weight loss, it will give her some necessary time to clear her head. Hint: Look for a bundle of classes she can use anytime, rather than the pressure of a monthly pass.

6. A family photo session: If you want to be extra thoughtful, give the gift of a family portrait photo shoot. THEN, when it’s time to cash in, be a good sport and take the lead on getting everyone ready for picture day. Snapping those family pics is a memory in itself—but capturing a good family photo is priceless.

7. Date night: The hardest part about date night is coordinating the details. So surprise the mom in your life and do all of the legwork. That means scheduling the babysitter, picking the restaurant, arranging the transportation and everything in between. Whether you are doing something as simple as catching the latest blockbuster or trying out that new Michelin restaurant in the city, nothing will make mom feel more loved than getting out the door stress free.

8. Dry Shampoo: Showering is a luxury for new moms, so a bottle of dry shampoo in her stocking this year is essentially a gift from you and the hair gods. She will be especially appreciative of this gift on mornings when she’s running around trying to get everyone ready and out the door and has no time to get ready herself. We really love Pantene’s Pro-V dry shampoo, but you can find a bottle at every price point. And remember, she looks great every day, no matter what (tell her that!).

We all know that new moms do it all. So this year, skip the usual kitchen gadget and stocking stuffers. Show her how much you appreciate her and everything she does with an extra special gift under the tree. Happy Holidays from The Lactation Network!