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Author: TLN

Girls’ Night Out: Why You’ve GOT to have them

Four ideas for conquering time with your friends

Being a mom is the best, but every once in awhile, a night out with your girlfriends is a straight up necessity. By engaging in adult conversation and enjoying a much-needed glass of wine (or three), you’ll have a chance to reconnect with friends who know you as more than “mom” and come home feeling like a new woman. We’ve got four fun girls’ night ideas to give you the refresh you need, no matter what your budget.

Pamper yourself

Splurge: When was the last time you indulged in some spa time? Heck, when was the last time you got to take a shower that was longer than three minutes? girls’ night is the perfect reason to book mani-pedis or massages. Relax and soak up the soothing sounds, smells and that amazing steam room.

Save: Organize a casual “sleepunder” at someone’s house where everyone dons pajamas and brings some fun goodies to try—nail polish, fake eyelashes, lipsticks and lotions. Wine and snacks are highly recommended.

Move your body

Splurge: How about getting together for a workout class? Okay, hear us out! Yoga, barre, spin, strength—these are all great ways to get your blood flowing after too many hours on the couch during marathon cluster-feeding sessions, and those endorphins will boost your mood too. Just promise us one thing: don’t stress about your postpartum shape. Listen to your body and appreciate what it’s done—created life!

Save: Gather at a nearby park for a power walk and then take turns coming up with sweat-inducing moves like squats, pushups and crunches. Or roll out your yoga mats in someone’s living room and play a video from YouTube or a workout app. Whether you feel amazing or like your body belongs to someone else, try to stay present and share a giggle with your friends.

Wine and dine

Splurge: Check out the hot new restaurant or an old favorite. Enjoy a leisurely dinner that you didn’t have to make. The best part of sharing a meal with girlfriends? Adult conversation—and wine!

Save: Remember the days of potluck parties? Enlist friends to bring various parts of the meal: an appetizer, salad, main dish, side, dessert and drinks. Or make it BYOB and just order takeout. This girls’ night is really about connecting with friends and getting a little break from soothing, feeding, changing, doing ALL THE THINGS.

Get creative

Splurge: When you take a class, you get to step outside of your routine, use a different part of your brain and learn something new. These days, plenty of retail stores, studios and small businesses are offering fun options for cooking, painting, cake decorating and more. Talk about a memorable night out!

Save: Have a talented friend share her skills with your group of gals. If one of your friends is an amazing chef, knitting wizard or floral artist, chip in for supplies and follow her lead. You’ll end up with a delicious meal, cozy scarf or gorgeous bouquet—and have a lot of fun in the process.

Listen, moms: whether you stay in or go out, save or splurge, getting together with girlfriends is an essential aspect of motherhood survival. Start your group text with your besties right now.