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Author: TLN

The Insurance-Covered Lactation Visit Process

Here’s what you need to know about scheduling a one-on-one insurance-covered visit from a lactation pro. 

When it comes to the exciting and sometimes terrifying journey of being a new mom, there is so much to learn and consider for you and your growing family. How you choose to raise your baby is entirely up to you. If you plan on breastfeeding (that includes pumping!), there are experts out there who can help you navigate breastfeeding and pumping that works for you and your family. At The Lactation Network, our goal is to help all moms and babies get the insurance-covered lactation support they deserve, with no out-of-pocket costs. That’s why our team is dedicated to connecting moms with lactation professionals across the country to access this critical area of care. 

What is The Lactation Network?

The Lactation Network connects new and expectant moms all over the country with Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) and other lactation pros. IBCLCs have the highest degree of expertise when it comes to breastfeeding and work with moms and babies to overcome challenges and support breastfeeding milestones. Our team works with your insurance plan to confirm coverage and set moms up with a one-on-one 90-minute lactation consultation, either at home or in-office. While breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your baby, it doesn’t always come naturally—so we’re here to help. 

Not only do we help moms find the right lactation consultant for them, but we’ll also confirm your coverage for you to make sure you’re able to experience this much-needed lactation benefit. There is so much that goes into being a new mom and caring for the life of your brand new baby, so we’re there to help moms and lactation consultants can focus on what matters most—feeding your baby. 

How to Sign Up for an Insurance-Covered Lactation Consultation

Our goal is to provide moms with the help they need to feed their babies. Whether you’re dealing with issues such as painful breastfeeding, infant weight gain, latching problems and positioning your baby during breastfeeding, or if you’re looking for additional support and education as you reach your breastfeeding milestones, our team is here to support you. Here’s how you can schedule a 90-minute in-home insurance-covered lactation consultation in three simple steps. 

Step 1: Sign Up for a Consultation 

To start the process, all you have to do is fill out our Lactation Consultation form with your health insurance information and state of urgency for your visit. If you’re an expectant mom looking for tips before your baby is born or if you are having breastfeeding success and are looking for additional encouragement, the visit wouldn’t be urgent. However, if you and your baby are facing serious infant weight gain and feeding issues, that would qualify as an urgent visit. 

If you’re already working with a lactation consultant— great! Make sure to indicate that on your form, and we’ll make sure to arrange your appointment with your consultant of choice.

Step 2: We Confirm Your Insurance Coverage 

After you sign up for a consultation, we do the tricky work of reviewing your information and confirming with your health insurance that you’re 100% covered for a consultation. That means no out-of-pocket costs to you. If everything checks out, we’ll help set up a phone call with one of our IBCLCs. 

If for some reason you aren’t covered or are only partially covered for a lactation consultation, we’ll reach out with any other options that may be available to you. After all, the Lactation Network is here to help new moms with breastfeeding questions in any way we can.

Step 3: Get Your Consultation

After we confirm your coverage, an IBCLC will reach out to schedule a 90-minute in-home or in-office evaluation and consultation with you and your baby. During this initial communication, you’ll be able to speak with your lactation consultant and find out what you need to do/have on hand for your visit. (This does not including picking up your home with a newborn. We just want to make sure your feeding schedule aligns with the visit so we can monitor your feeding.) You’ll also be able to talk in-depth over the phone with your lactation consultant about your health history, experience with labor and delivery and progress with breastfeeding and pumping so far. Then, you can schedule an appointment that works for both of you. 

In preparation for the visit, check out what to expect from an in-home lactation consultation. Our number one tip? Write down your breastfeeding and pumping questions before your IBCLC comes for the visit. Your lactation consultant knows the common breastfeeding and pumping questions that most moms want to be answered, but this way you’ll feel better prepared and comfortable before the consultation. 

If you’re a new or expecting mother, having a lactation consultant should be a standard of care for you and your baby. That’s why we exist—to provide moms with insurance-covered lactation visits with the best IBCLCs out there. Schedule an appointment to become a part of our network of support.